Here’s why Mark Shuttleworth is growing beard

During Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote speech at the 14.03 Ubuntu Developer Summit, one could hardly miss his bearded look. Here we tell you why an otherwise fastidious Shuttleworth chose to sport a caveman look.

Well, for starters he feels it is super fashionable. “Occasionally I am a slave to fashion.” He shared how he recently read an article which had a collection of his dumbest hairstyles ever. While critics may feel so, he is adamant about playing with his looks. “The beard is fashionable and masculine in a way.”

However, it is not only the masculine avatar that made Shuttleworth sport the beard. “There is a slightly serious angle to beard. One of my colleagues was stopped and held by transport police in UK. He was questioned for hours. There was no justification to it and so while he was leaving, he asked them the reason and they said it was the beard. This is disgusting. A society should be civilised enough to not judge people on the basis of how they look.”

Shuttleworth ended the ‘beardy’ discussion by saying, “Part of me hopes that a goon will try the same on with me and the other part of me just likes being manly. I don’t get the opportunity too often.”

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