GoG dropping a teeny hint about Linux support

Good Old Games or GoG is a well-known site to any gamer as a place where one can get games completely DRM free and almost always with additional goodies that they can’t find anywhere else. Now it seems that they will be adding to the good praises that they have been receiving by spear heading a DRM free revolution, by adding support for Linux games in their catalogues.

The possible rumour came into being following a forum post by a GoG team member on the official GoG boards. A user had commented that the user would like if they supported Linux, which was one of the only reason that they preferred to use other sellers like Humble Store which is known to sell games for Linux. To this comment, the community representative replied with “Linux you say … hmmm … let us chew on this … ;)”

Although the representative didn’t give anything concrete, neither did they deny of any intention to support Linux. GoG has been one of the few places where one can find classic old games that are nearly impossible to run on the newer versions of Windows. So this move might not come as surprise since distributors like Desura and Steam is migrating almost their entire catalog to support Linux, if they pull it off that is. Given the popularity of GoG among gamers for spear-heading the free movement, this move seems likelier by the moment. No other comments were found apart from the mysterious response, even after a lot of poking and prodding. Maybe they are holding out for the right moment. Whatever it, be sure to check here for the news as we cover it in the future.

Source: GoG Community Board

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