Desktop Effects Control Module in KWin5

KWin5 will feature a new configuration module to control Desktop effects. KWin5 will be a part of the upcoming Plasma Next Workspace. The control module is rewritten with QtQuick controls.The focus of the control module will be on Desktop Effects.

KWin5 Developer Martin Gräßlin explains, “What we learned from our users is that they are only interested in configuring the effects and that the other options exposed in that control module bare the risk of users changing and breaking their system. Thus we decided to give the users what they need and move all other options into another control module.”

KWin can use different compositing backends like OpenGL 2.x/1.x (GLX), Open GL ES 2.0 (EGL) and XRender. Effects are categorised depending on the compositing backend in use. Effects which are not supported by the backend will be hidden by default. This is useful since some effects like Looking Glass are not supported by XRender. The internal or helper effects are hidden by default.

Desktop effects can now be mutually exclusive to each other. Mutually exclusive effects will be organised using radio buttons. In a mutually exclusive group, only one effect can be activated. This is implemented to prevent broken animations. The radio buttons double up as checkbox, in case animations are needed to be switched off completely.

Alpha release of Plasma Next is scheduled to be released this week.

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