Microsoft working on ChromeOS fork BingOS

Microsoft is secretly working on it’s own Chromebook competitor aptly named Bingbook. The details are sketchy at the moment as we are waiting for more leaks, but from what The Verge has discovered these low-end devices are running a forked version of Google’s Chromium OS. Microsoft has customized the Linux-based OS to run Internet Explorer as the sole application. Bingbook will be tightly integrated with Microsoft services. Obviously Bing will be the default search engine. The device will come preloaded with cloud-based Office 365, Paint Brush, Xbox Live, Skype, Facebook, Microsoft Maps, and Windows Media Player.

Microsoft’s stocks hit all time high after the news hit the Wall Street. MSFT was trading at 789.76 at the time of reporting.

After Nokia’s move to use Android, as Windows OS is gradually becoming the Symbian of mobile world, it was quite Obvious for Microsoft to embrace Chromium OS.

The high sales of Chromebooks give a clear indication that there is a huge demand of inexpensive and Linux-based devices. The reason Microsoft chose to use Chromium instead of Windows was to cut costs. An internal Microsoft study showed that corporations around the globe are saving billions of dollars by switching from Windows to GNU/Linux.

According to a leaked conversation between Satya Nadella and Bill Gates, Nadella strongly recommended the move from Windows to Chromium. “The only way for us to cut the cost of our OS development is by switching to Linux. We would save over $300 million per year in developmental cost. Companies around the globe are cutting costs, why shouldn’t we?”

Bill Gates has reportedly supported the decision, “We have pioneered the adoption of the best technology available; back in those days it was Mac now it’s Chromium.”

The news got mixed response from the free and Open Source community. Richard M Stallman said, “Microsoft is Tivoizing Chrome and Android, that’s the price you pay by not using GNU GPLv3; Linus Torvalds should have listened to us.”

Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth was full of praise for Microsoft and said, “It’s a substantial improvement on the past. Even on netbooks, it will be an credible release. I am delighted that BingOS is out. Now that it is out, we can compete head to head.” He added, “We need more Open Source players to break the duopoly of Google and Apple and BingOS is as bold a move as was Unity.”

He also promised that Ubuntu One will be available on Bingbook from the very first day.

Microsoft is reportedly working on a series of Bingbook vs Chromebooks video campaigns where the company will highlight how businesses and home users can do everything in Microsoft cloud without needing any of the desktop applications.

First Bingbook is expected to be released before Christmas to hit the holiday season.

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