Ubuntu 14.04 default and community wallpapers revealed

Continuing the new trend of adding community wallpapers to the default Ubuntu installation, Ubuntu devs released today 11 community contributed wallpapers to be included in the latest iteration of Ubuntu, 14.04 LTS. These 11 wallpapers were chosen from a community wallpaper contest which ended on 5th March. Shortly after releasing the community wallpapers, the default wallpaper was also released.

This release of Ubuntu is an LTS release, and with the slew of new features and improvements being added to this release, the icing on the cake would have been an excellent default wallpaper and a good set of community contributed wallpapers.

Alas, this was not meant to be. The default wallpaper of Ubuntu 14.04 is a big let down. The experimentation with purple colour and the shades could have and should have stopped with the last release. Unfortunately, that continued. This time, it has lines. In the blog post at design.canonical.com graphic designer Michal Izydorczyk says:

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been working on the new Ubuntu Wallpaper. The wallpaper has become an integral part of the Ubuntu brand, the strong colours and gradated flow are powerful important elements. We realised this when looking from a distance at someone laptop it really does shout UBUNTU.

And he says more :

We spent some time …thinking how to connect the old with the new and how to make the transition smooth. When we got the composition right we started to play with colours, we tried all our Ubuntu complimentary colours but we were not entirely happy [as they]didn’t feel like a next step from our last wallpaper…

I really could not find any connection with the transition and colours and all that Michal talked about. For me, the default wallpaper is just not appealing. Perhaps I do not understand art!

Below you will find all the wallpapers to be included with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Do let us know how you like the new wallpapers in the comments.

[gss ids=”22790,22781,22780,22778,22777,22776,22775,22774,22773,22772,22771,22770,22769″]

The community wallpapers are good but I expected better. Many of my personal favourites from the contest were not included. Out of the 11 chosen wallpapers, I really like only 4. Some of them are good but rather depressing (gloomy sky, foggy forest). Surprisingly, there is no wallpaper featuring the mascot of this release, the Tahr. The bug report does talk about including another wallpaper of the Tahr. It has not been approved yet.

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