ownCloud gets another round of $6.3 million funding, releases ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition

Thank you Edward Snowden for exposing the wrong doings of NSA and GCHQ. In post-PRISM era while high-profile US-based companies are trying to protect their image (so that their businesses around the globe don’t get hurt), there are many new companies which are building Open Source based solutions to give people, organizations and governments the privacy of their data that they need.

US has an extremely dangerous edge over the rest of the world as they have the capability to get access to any data anywhere in the world. Imagine a US based company with whom your company is negotiating a deal and they already have access to all your internal documents (as the deal is very important to US for economical reasons) and they get an unprecedented advantage over you. You have already lost. Any proprietary technology that’s coming from the US – whether it’s hardware or software – may have back-doors built into them which allow NSA to access anyone’s data as and when they want.

Open Source is the answer to privacy invasion

Open Source solution are the only solutions in the post-Prism era and ownCloud is one such company which offers fully Open Source, privacy respecting products.

The company just raised $6.3 million in funding, in addition to $4.4 million which they got last year. This time the backer is Devonshire Investors with contributions from General Catalyst Partners, and current angel investors.

ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition. ownCloud 6 Enterprise

What’s more exciting for clients is that the company has just announced the release of ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition. ownCloud 6 Enterprise extends ownCloud’s core integration capabilities in three tiers: storage, security and application integration. The storage tier extends existing out-of-the-box integrations, including a new connection to Jive, the enterprise social collaboration product. The result is enterprise-class file sharing and collaboration capabilities from anywhere, on any device.

It’s extremely secure

The company says, “ownCloud’s highly extensible security infrastructure tier now provides SAML authentication to enable organizations to drop ownCloud into existing enterprise environments and authenticate with established identity providers, something only an on-premises installation can do. The application integration tier provides new file sharing and mobile APIs (recently released under the MIT open source license) on top of existing provisioning and application plug-in APIs, making it easier for businesses and app developers to leverage ownCloud file storage capabilities.”

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