Google offers 60-day free trial of Google Music All Access for Chromebook owners

Google is offering 20 millions songs to select Chromebook users for free, instantly. That “select” choice of Chromebook owners would be any user that is both in All Access’s market and hasn’t already tried the music streaming service out yet. The access will be free for 60 days, after that there will be regular subscription.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the service, All Access is Google’s competitive response to Pandora and Spotify. Their hook on the streaming music game is that in addition to streaming music that you’ve uploaded, Google will create and stream music based upon a song that you select from their catalog. They call the auto-generated playlists “stations” and will playback music, both uploaded and foreign, by the user that in theory should be similar to what they’ve already selected.

Normally Google offers a 30 day free trial to anyone that hasn’t tried All Access yet, the offer for Chromebook users is a doubling of that trial. It makes plenty of sense, the people most likely to become subscribers should be those that deeply entrench themselves in Google’s ecosystem while limiting their local storage options a bit. Users aren’t required to stream or access everything via the cloud on Chromebooks, but it is strongly encouraged via the Chrome OS and local storage limits.

The offer and service aren’t bad ideas, they’re actually fairly genius. Speaking from personal experience, All Access is fairly accurate in its’ music selection and has introduced me to music that I may have never considered before. It seems that Google is hoping to gain more subscribers by integrating more deeply into its’ users lives in a fairly unobtrusive manner. It’s likely to succeed if users become accustomed to the service, hence the extended trial time for Chromebook users.

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