The Walking Dead confirmed for mobile platforms

The Walking Dead is a TV series that, perhaps, most of the people have at least heard of. It is the number one TV series for a second season in a row among adults 18-49 and also has a very strong fan base around the world. AMC, along with Next Games, recently announced that they will be bringing this beloved franchise to the mobile by developing a new mobile game that will coincide with the release of new season.

The Walking Dead already has quite a fan following on the PC segment thanks to the games developed by Telltale Game, but sadly there hasn’t been any proper game on the mobile segment. This new game will be the first time a game is being built exclusively for the mobile segment. The Finnish development house chosen for this project, based in Helsinki, is also kind of dream team too. It has designers from famous companies like Rovio, Disney and Supercell, so AMC is pretty confident and excited about the upcoming game. Next Games too is also very confident that this new game will be able to live up to the quality in both the gameplay and narrative that the TV series’ fan has come to expect from the franchise. Judging by the fact that it isn’t just going to be a blatant port of the game from some other platforms, rather a new game built from the ground up for the mobile segment, this game might just be what they are promising it to be.

Although no additional details, like the series itself, have been released it, the game, however, is said to be developed with smartphones and tablets in mind. The main focus of the team is to build an engaging narrative driven free to play game that will match “against-all-odds action and moment-to-moment tension” of the TV series, according to Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO at Next Games. They are confident enough to even boast that this upcoming game will be like nothing fans have seen on both the home and mobile hardware before. Charlie Collier, AMC president, said, “We’re thrilled to be part of this next wave of games innovation and participating in a project that – like the show itself – is in service of the fans.”

Details are still sketchy at best, but both AMC and Next Games promises to release more in the coming months.

Source: Next Games Press Announcement

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