Survey: Should openSUSE offer VLC as the default video player on KDE Desktop?

openSUSE is known for offering the best integration with the desktop environments it offers – whether it be KDE or Gnome. That’s what I say as a primary openSUSE/KDE users, but what do other users thing? Are their areas where openSUSE and KDE needs more attention? Do you like openSUSE’s KDE theme? Which video player do you want to be the default video player for openSUSE/KDE? Do you use Homerun? There are so many such questions which can help KDE folks at openSUSE to better understand what users want.

To get answer to such questions, openSUSE developer Raymond Wooninck is running a survey called “Your view on the openSUSE KDE experience”. Raymond writes on the openSUSE-kde mailing list:

Dear fellow KDE Desktop user,

We want to hear from you about your experience with the KDE Desktop within
openSUSE and where we could improve. Click on the link below and give us your
feedback. Every opinion counts.

We will publish the results of this survey through this mailing list.

If you are an openSUSE/KDE Desktop user, please go ahead and participate in the survey.

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