New Angry Birds game Teased

Rovio, the Finnish company behind the hugely popular mobile game franchise, Angry Birds, recently launched a new mysterious trailer on YouTube. The 28 seconds trailer starts with the words “The Most Epic Soft Launch Ever” and then pans around a set of seemingly empty armour. Once the helmet of the armour comes in to view, the visor pops opens to show the iconic Red Bird of Angry Birds in the helmet. The bird then flies off with the helmet, with the words “Starting in Australia and Canada, rest of the world to follow” appearing, at which point the trailer ends.

From first look it just seems to be another knight themed Angry Birds, but a sharp eyed spotter over at AngryBirdNest, spotted a silhouetted image of birds dressed as a Knight, a Wizards and an Archer in the company’s video teaser of what it plans to release in 2014. From this, one can guess that this might be another tie-in of the franchise with what seems to be like Trine to us. But these are just speculations on our part. We’ll cover more detailed information as more of it is made available by Rovio.

If it is indeed is a tie-in, it won’t be the first. Angry Birds did do a tie in with Lucas Arts, resulting in the popular Angry Birds Star Wars series, where you could play the birds dressing up as the famed characters from the Star Wars universe. The games even had light sabers, force powers and even the Light and Dark Sides to boot.

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