What to expect in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

User session improvements: New options for user sessions

You can now add your username back to the top panel using the option available under User Accounts in System settings. The User Accounts now also displays a history of how many times the user has logged in and at what time. A status indicator is also attached to the picture of the user to display if its online or offline.


New  Lock Screen Shortcut

New lockscreen keyboard shortcut Super+L has been introduced to keep in line with windows lockscreen behavior. The older lockscreen combination Ctrl+Shift+L has been removed. The menu still shows the old combination, which is likely to be removed in the future updates though.  Ubuntu 14.04’s lock screen has also been updated with updated with clock support

New Shutdown dialogues

Ubuntu 14.04 improves upon the old shutdown and restart dialogues at Unity greeter screen. The newly-updated Unity greeter’s dialogues come with chameleon look, optimized spacing, blur, etc,  similar to their desktop counterpart. These improvements provide a more consistent experience during shutdown and restart  which is in line with the rest of the OS.


Sound Menu improvements

The sound menu will now include the Mute ‘Checkbox’ and also another interesting checkbox which allows you to increase the volume past 100%. This option was already present in 13.10 but was not properly defined. In Ubuntu 14.04, if you do not enable the check box, the sound cannot be increased past 100%.


Gnome Apps improvements

Nautilus improvements

There are a few improvements with respect to Nautilus. These improvements are not from upstream but a patched Nautilus brings the changes.

  • The backspace key will now enable you to go back one step in Nautilus, such a great relief for keyboard lovers
  • The search-as-you-type for the full drive feature has been replaced with just type-ahead search feature for files in the current folder
  • Recent files searches now includes an additional option to view location on right click

Gedit received improved save dialogue. Launching Gedit, typing text and hitting the toolbar’s Save button (or Gedit–>File–>Save As), presents now the Home entry highlighted on its sidebar (under Places), instead of the default highlighting of Recent in previous releases. If the user opens a text file from the Downloads folder, hitting the Save As entry,will highlight the Downloads folder.


Unity control Center (UCC)

A fork of Gnome Control Center, UCC is nothing different. However, UCC will enable peaceful coexisting of Gnome Shell and Gnome apps along with Unity. UCC has a limited life span and will be discarded once System Settings of Ubuntu Touch is fully developed.

Graphics Rendering improvements

Better switching for Optimus graphics card using nvidia-prime – Optimus users can easily switch between Intel and Nvidia graphics card using the nvidia-prive and prime-switcher.

About Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a Sr. IT Consultant working at Srinsoft Technologies, Chennai. He has over six years of work experience with more than four years as a Linux System Administrator. He is a Linux enthusiast and a blogger. He is also a regular contributor to the Ubuntu Manual.

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