The curious case of RT in the United States of America

In the recent weeks regarding the controversy of the situation in the Ukraine, we have seen various arguments on whether Putin’s actions were good or bad. The beauty of the Internet and alternative media is that an actual conversation can take place.  However, there is an issue with blind trust regarding alternative venues, and it’s time that we start paying attention.

Recently, Liz Wahl decided to publicly quit her job as an anchor for RT, a 24/7 TV channel funded by the Russian Government. One of the reasons that RT has gained popularity was due to coverage of certain topics that other venues either ridiculed or ignored in their entirety. When one examines the past of RT, one shouldn’t be surprised as to why Wahl decided to walk away from the network.

For starters, it’s state funded. Any venue that is funded by any government is not truly independent, especially when coverage of events is skewed in favor of said government. Some controversy is allowed for RT so long as it doesn’t involve the Russian government.

Even Adam Kokesh walked away from the network, and this quote from his Adam Vs the Man website may give some insight as to why:

So RT America picked up ADAM VS THE MAN as a TV show on national cable for 30 minutes, weeknights. While some were shocked that a state-funded media outlet would hire a libertarian, if you understand RT to be the Russian government poking the American government in the eye, it makes perfect sense and Adam was happy to be a part of that effort. Unfortunately, after four successful months in which the show quickly came to regularly outperform other similar shows on the network, they decided to part ways and Adam decided to strike out on his own.

Just because some controversial topics are discussed does not mean one should trust one media entity over another.  Truly independent media, venues that are not backed by corporations or governments, are needed more than ever. Independent Media Centers can help fulfill general coverage in an independent way, sites such as this one and 2600 can help in terms of different perspectives on computers and technology, and other sites can be utilized for alternative perspectives on just about any topic.

Just be aware that there will always be a slant no matter which venue it is and that objectivity does not truly exist, for we are all human.

About Thomas Holbrook II

Thomas first encountered FOSS while visiting the University of Central Missouri (then known as Central Missouri State University) during high school. Mandrake was the first distribution he ever attempted to run. He has had experience with SuSE, Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, and other distros. He currently does a podcast each week and publishes a monthly digital magazine covering Unix and Overlooked Pop Culture at

19 thoughts on “The curious case of RT in the United States of America

  1. Just remember that Russia is not Putin and Putin is not Russia. And then remember that Russia and Ukraine speek commonly the same language and have the same history and almost all Russians have close friends and relatives in Ukraine. Imagine for a while the armed revolution in Canada, for example, if you live in the USA. Only then you can judge on the situation and see it all by the eyes of Russians. And once again: Putin is not Russia.

  2. Russians always had an Imperialistic plans towards Europe. The history speaks for itself. Russian citizens actually are always have been supported their leaders. Stalin in the past and Putin at the present. Not all of them but most of them and we can clearly see it. No one knows better that we Poles who have been suffer a lot because of Russia in the past. They have killed millions of us and Ukrainians during II World War and after the War. People in US doesn’t even know how dangerous these people are with their skewed vision of the world. There is a lot of evidence even in the internet available for you to see the true face of Russia. Intolerant, dangerous, nationalistic, closed minded, people. And what they are doing in Ukraine just now is disgusting, and we should stop them by force! Yes they would never back down if we won’t use the force! I am totally against War but in this case there is no other solution in order to stop them.

    1. You didn’t understand what I wanted to say. I meant that almost no one in Russia wants war. And especially with Ukraine. And Russians as people don’t have plans for Europe.
      And some more.
      You have read some strange history. Look for chapters about Germany. But no one tells: Germany always had plans for Europe. You look closed minded by yourself. Sorry for reading proclamation for your xenofobia. And, by the way, read the history of Ukraine to unserstand me. But you won’t, you’d rather watch TV.

      1. “Strange history”? Are you joking right now? You clearly are the only one who has no idea about the history here. Or you so touched by the facts that you will do everything (including skewing the history facts) to deny it? I never wrote nothing about the Germans because they don’t invaded any countries since Nazi Germany has fallen, and Russia? At the time of Soviet Union they invaded dozens of countries. They killed, raped and tortured polish people during WWII (officers and polish elites in Katyń for example), they starved to death over 4 millions of Ukrainians? And there are still people nostalgic about Soviet Union in Russia. Since Soviet Union has fallen how many countries been invaded by Russian Federation? Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine? Ringing bells? What they are doing in Ukraine just now? How the public reacts? A small minority is protesting against it, that is true, but the wast majority are supporting PUTIN! So please give ma a break, and learn from the history and watch some other media, rather than those pro-putin propaganda ones like RT for example.

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