Ubuntu Gnome wants to get LTS status

Ubuntu Gnome team wants to join the elite club of Ubuntu flavours which enjoy the LTS (Long Term Support) status. 14.04 is going to be an LTS release and its apt for Ubuntu Gnome team to get extended support of  2 years and 3 months as an LTS release which will make it easier for those users to use Gnome who want to use stable LTS releases.

There have been conflicts between Gnome upstream packages and those maintained by Canonical for Unity keeping Ubuntu Gnome users from accessing all the features of Gnome releases. So it’s unclear whether Canonical will approve it as LTS.

Ubuntu Gnome does need more contributors to improve stability and integration between Gnome and Ubuntu which have different goals. Ali Linux of Ubuntu Gnome says, “Whether Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 will be an LTS release or not, we shall definitely need ‘more active contributors and manpower’. The community is growing fast, both in quality and quantity which is very promising and this has absolutely increased our confidence that we could do more and go the extra miles. Our need to ‘more contributions’ will never stop since we have decided to go that path.”

LTS is not a small deal for Canonical or flavours, it’s a huge commitment so Gnome users can keep their fingers crossed and see whether this flavor gets LTS status or not.

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