AllCast adds DLNA support

Koushik Dutta, the famed developer of CyanogenMOD has added DLNA support to his AllCast Android app. Ever since Google opened Chromcast to 3rd party developers Koush is on roll. He has, in fact, been toying with Chromecast the day it was released and created some stir in the free software community when Google changed the preview APIs for Chromecast which broke his app.

He is already working on mirroring Android to Chromecast and keep improving his AllCast app. Looking at the track record of Google, its obvious that Google will incorporate all the features that AllCast offers rendering its useless, but Koush can always claim he did it first and may actually keep Google on its toes by keep adding more features to his app.

AllCast is available for free of cost from the Play Store, but has a limit of 1 minute video playback. You can unlock it by buying a $5 premium edition, which is more or less a license for the app.

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