Improve the text-to-speech experience on Google Chromebooks

Most of the work that developers do is under the hood, which is often hidden from the users and may not necessarily have any direct impact on user experience. But there are times when exciting developments are made which enhances the user experience.

Improved text-to-speech for Chrome devices

If you don’t speak English you don’t have to be deprived of the fine text-to-speech feature of Chrome. ChromeVox is the native client technology which is being used by the text-to-speech extension. ChromeVox has added support for new voices in the dev channel and these voices include: – Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Indian English and US Spanish. All the voices are Female. It has also improved the existing voices for German, Great Britian English, US English, Spanish and French.

Enable the language you want on ChromeVox settings page.

I assume you already have ChromeVox extension installed on your system, if not please install it from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, go to chrome://settings and look for ChromeVox. There you can choose the desired language. Let us know if you notice any improvement.

Source: Fran├žois Beaufort

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