Calligra 2.8 and Krita 2.8.0 Released

Calligra, a free and open source KDE office suite and Krita, a KDE desktop friendly painting and graphics editing software have received major updates. Both of the applications fit in the KDE desktop well, and are powered by Qt libraries. This is a great news for KDE users and lovers who use these applications for their work everyday.

Some major updates in Calligra office suite are:

  • The word processor, Words received support for comments
  • Sheets has better support for pivot tables
  • Kexi now runs on Windows and about 30 major issues has been fixed in this visual database application.
  • Flow now supports SVG based stencils.

Krita, which is a part of Calligra family now has a successful build for windows. This is the first time the application is being ported to other operating system other than GNU/Linux. Among other updates, this application now also has better tablet support, high quality scaling for the OpenGL canvas, wrap around mode, layer picker and other small changes

You can download the source code of these application from this link and compile them yourself. Or you may wait for your package manager to do that for you and release the binary for your distro.

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