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Red Hat brings Microsoft’s .NET Apps to OpenShift

Customers now don’t need Microsoft Windows to be able to run or create .NET Apps. Red Hat has partnered with Uhuru Software to bring Microsoft .NET Apps and SQL server capabilities to Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution OpenShift.

As expected it’s a community driven, Open Source solution. Red Hat said in a press statement, “With open source code contributed by Uhuru, OpenShift is able to provide application isolation for multiple .NET apps on the same Windows instance.”


So now it doesn’t matter if customers are running Windows or RHEL, they will now able to provide “a standardized application environment with consistent administration capabilities across both by abstracting away the underlying infrastructure,” said the company.

“This means developers can easily write an application using a .NET frontend that is on Windows with a MySQL backend on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, all through the OpenShift self-service interface,” said the company in a press statement.

But why is Red Hat doing this? They explain, “…we deeply believe in customer choice. We also embrace the innovation that comes from our open source communities and our partner ecosystem. With a host of .NET applications already deployed throughout enterprises, integrating Microsoft environments for application workloads can provide OpenShift users with the most complete developer experience. That’s why we were excited to have Uhuru collaborate with the OpenShift Origin community on this effort as the first step. This will then enable us to bring this capability to our Online and Enterprise customers in the future.”

What it means is that developers won’t have to leave OpenShift and they can create .NET applications using familiar OpenShift workflows.

The company said, “With Uhuru, OpenShift can deliver a PaaS solution for .NET that is native to Windows while still enabling the secure, multi-tenant architecture that users have come to expect from our platform.”

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