Nokia X app store ported to Android and Sailfish

It has hardly been a week since Google apps were seen to be installed on the Nokia X, and now we have more news about this rather different piece of hardware.

A hacker has managed to extract the proprietary app store of Nokia X, and has made it run on, guess what? The Jolla. It seems to run on other rooted Android devices as well.

An XDA Developers user, named opssemnik, has somehow extracted the apk files of Nokia Store from his Nokia X, and installed them on Android, and it runs perfectly. The downloaded apps have been reported to run just fine on both Sailfish OS and Android, provided it is rooted.

For those who do not know, Nokia uses its own proprietary fork of Android, rather than stock Android, in its X-series devices. It also removes all Google services and replaces them with its own. Therefore, these devices ship with Nokia Store in lieu of Google Play. However, ports have been made in both directions, i.e., Google apps on Nokia X, and Nokia Store on other Android devices.

Sources: UberGizmo, XDA Developers

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