Android beats iOS, becomes top tablet OS: Linux rules

Linux is on the roll and even soon to be acquired Nokia is adoption Linux-based Android. After conquering the smartphone space, Android is now dominating the tablet space. According to a new study by Gartner, “the tablet growth in 2013 was fueled by the low-end smaller screen tablet market, and first time buyers; this led Android to become the No. 1 tablet operating system (OS), with 62 percent of the market.”

Gartner also noticed a worrying trend for Apple as iOS’s shared declined to 36 percent in 2013. That said, the sales of iOS tablets grew in the 4th quarter of 2013. Which it could mean is that while Apple continued to sell more iOS devices there are now more users who are switching from PCs to tablets and these users are going to Android. So while Apple continues to sell more iOS device as the market is growing its share is shrinking.

“In 2013, tablets became a mainstream phenomenon, with a vast choice of Android-based tablets being within the budget of mainstream consumers while still offering adequate specifications,” said Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner. “As the Android tablet market becomes highly commoditized, in 2014, it will be critical for vendors to focus on device experience and meaningful technology and ecosystem value — beyond just hardware and cost — to ensure brand loyalty and improved margins.”

Microsoft continues to lose both PC as well as mobile markets. Garnter found that “in 2013, Microsoft’s tablet volumes improved but share remained small. Despite Microsoft now acting more rapidly to evolve Windows 8.1, its ecosystem still failed to capture major consumers’ interest on tablets.”

So now Linux dominates the smartphone space, the tablet space and is also increasing footprints in ‘desktop’ space with ChromeOS.

Jim Zemlin, 2014 is the year of Linux.

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A free software fund-a-mental-ist and Charles Bukowski fan, Swapnil also writes fiction and tries to find cracks in the paper armours of proprietary companies. Swapnil has been covering Linux and Free Software/Open Source since 2005.

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