Raspberry Pi Foundation issues $10,000 bounty for successful Quake III deployment on Pi

The Raspberry Pi has been around for two years now, and has done a lot to change the perception of ‘computers’ while allowing many others to code, invent, and create automated devices of their own. To commemorate their two year anniversary, The Raspberry Pi Foundation has decided to throw down the gauntlet to any developer who is able to run Quake III on the Pi with an acceptable frame rate.

The invitation comes after Broadcom announced that it had released “the full source OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 driver stack for the Broadcom VideoCore® IV 3D graphics subsystem used in the BCM21553 3G integrated baseband SoC.” As you may well know, this can easily be ported to the  BCM2835 application processor, which aptly runs our beloved Raspberry Pi.

With Broadcom’s announcement in mind, and a general feeling of celebration in the air, the guys at Raspberry Pi foundation decided to really push the limits of what the pocket PC could do, and they threw in the $10,000 reward as added incentive. The rules of the competition are listed here and if you are a developer, it just might be the break you were looking for — provided that you have not had any major breakthroughs in the past. It’s available globally and is definitely worth the shot.

Gaming is no longer comfined to consoles, PC’s and handhelds, but it is quickly moving on to other platforms; weird ones, like pocket PC’s that don’t have screens. With the momentum that Linux gaming has received over the past year or so (specifically steam machines), this is a very good move for the Pi. We’ve seen persons turn their Pi’s into desktops and even tablets before and maybe with this release from Broadcom, we’ll see the Pi turn up in the form of a console. For more details, hit the link after the break and also feel free to let us know of what you’ve created with your Pi.

Raspberry Pi

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