HTC M8 (New HTC One) leaked on YouTube

It’s not every day that we get a leak of such proportions, but it has indeed happened. A you tuber, who seems to be a teen based on the sound of his voice, has published his hands on of HTC’s yet to be released HTC M8. He claims that he gets phones released earlier and that it’s a developer version, which is believable. Throughout the video, the colour, size, Skin (UI) and layout are plain to see. No, this is not your average blurry cam leak, this is the real deal.

The repercussions for such a leak are not yet known, but something tells me that HTC will not be pleased about this. The reviewer kept raving about how good the camera was — he tested the sound; questioning whether beats audio was still in tact, and, strangely, he highlighted what he claimed to be a Micro SD Card slot. For those who are unaware, HTC has dropped SD card slots on their flagships since the One X in 2012. It will be very interesting to see if they make a return to the slot considering that many fans still clamour for the extra storage space.

Other notable features were the on-screen buttons which I personally welcome with open arms, and a slightly bigger screen, which would align perfectly with rumours of a 5″ offering this time around. Because we know that you would have wanted to see the device yourself, we have embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure, while it is still on YouTube that is.

So, tell us what you think. Who’s getting fired tonight? Do you like the device? In my opinion, it looks better than it did in the leaked images. The original One was quite a formidable opponent, and with a 5″ screen, on-screen buttons and a better camera, I think that HTC made MWC’s phone of 2013 even better.

PS. This kid either has a very bright future ahead, or a difficult one depending on how things pan out.

About Myril Kennedy

I am a fan of technology and Android in particular. It has helped to turn the mobile industry on its head, and its open source nature has opened many doors that were previously closed. I am also a self confessed Google fanboy, so it may be reflected in my views from time to time.

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