Telegram, an open-source competitor of WhatsApp

Telegram is a SMS like application, just like WhatsApp but with major advantages for security. Unlike regular emails or chat clients which send their information in plain text, Telegram sets two layers of secure encryption (server-client and client-client).

So what are the advantages of Telegram over WhatsApp which has been bought by Facebook?, Telegram owners wont ‘own’ your information.


First of all Telegram is free and open-source, and you can grab the source from here. Well known security protocols are open-source and this gives the possibility for communities of cryptographers, hackers and public audience to test their actual security. Using two layers of secure encryption with 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, RSA 2048 encryption and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. It’s impossible to brute force a RSA 2048 encryption key with all the computers available on the universe.

Data in safe hands

A lot can be done with the information on your cellphones; data mining is a real business and there are people willing to pay for massive amount of information (Facebook gained access to contact details of millions of WhatsApp users by purchasing the service). Since Telegram is not owned by a company, users won’t have to worry about someone taking over their data, the way it happened with WhatsApp and Facebook.

Secret Chats

Another privacy respecting feature of Telegram is Secret chats. Telegram chats establish client-to-client connection with self-destroy timer, leaving no trace of the conversation. The project has challenged hackers offering $200,000 US dollars in BTC, for intercepting and deciphering a message. This challenge encourages the communities of hackers and cryptographers to test well known protocols for a reward that in the end that will lead to strengthen Telegram protocols.

Since it’s cloud-based you can use different clients simultaneously on GNU/Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac thus you are not locked into one platform.

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