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Sailfish OS is coming to Android Devices

If you are impressed with Jolla’s Sailfish OS but do not want to exchange your current Android phone for the Jolla smartphone, the finnish company has some good news for you. In a recent blog post, Jolla has announced that they are bringing Sailfish OS to Android devices.

We have already witnessed Sailfish OS being ported to Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, but Jolla is trying to extend the support to other Android hardwares as well.

A Jolla engineer by the name Harri Hakulinen has teased about availability of Sailfish OS in Samsung devices in near future.

There is not much details about the devices that will be specifically supported. However, we hope that most flagship devices from different manufacturers will receive the ability to run Sailfish OS, so that smartphone geeks can easily take it for a trial.

The Linux- MeeGo based Sailfish OS has the ability to run Android apps already to tap into Android’s enormous app ecosystem. Porting the complete OS to Android devices might enhance its popularity.

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The whole project is still in ‘under construction‘ phase and neither the Jolla device nor the Sailfish OS is a completely finished product right now. Therefore, Jolla’s move to let users experience the new OS on their current Android devices while the project matures makes lot of sense.

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  1. Sailfish on Androidphones!
    Jolla, is choosing same way as Canonical do for Ubuntu touch on Android.
    It seems that this concept will be a winning concept for new small OS.
    (Ubuntu is not small but Ubuntu for mobile devices is small).

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