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Motorola MWC announcements: Smartwatch, Moto X in India, Motomaker in Europe

Motorola just concluded their event at Mobile World Congress 2014, it was a pleasant surprise because there were no rumours or speculations around any new device launch. It turned out to be panel discussion and Q&A session with executives from the company. We got hints about upcoming plans from Motorola after Lenovo acquisition and their strategy with current devices.

Here are the highlights from the Motorola MWC Event:

MotoMaker is Coming to Europe and Mexico.

Customers in these regions will now have the luxury to customise their Moto X device like was the case in the US till now. Motorola plans to make the MotoMaker available in Europe and Mexico in Q2, there are not details about partners yet.

Moto X arriving in India and Australia

After the huge success of Moto G in India, Motorola is trying to expand its product portfolio in the country and launch Moto X. Australia, which got it’s first batch on Moto G last month will also get Moto X soon. There is no confirmed launch date, but Motorola is trying to land Moto X in these two countries in next “few week.” However, we doubt there will MotoMaker customisations available and these customers might have to choose from Black or White option only.

No Moto G or Moto X in China yet

After Chinese Lenovo acquired Motorola, there were hopes that we will soon be able to see Moto products in China, but looks like the process will take time and there are “no plans yet.” The executives were quick to add “As a part of Google, it was very hard to do business in China, very different with Lenovo.”

Motorola will launch a smartwatch this year

There is talk all around that 2014 is going to be the year of wearable technology. All the major smartphone makers out there are trying to create wearable devices to complement their phones. Motorola is not very far behind in this race and has confirmed that they are already working on a smartwatch and plans to launch it this year it self. “We are working on a watch that will be available this year. We aim to address consumer issues like style & battery life”

Project ARA is not dead

When Google sold Motorola to Lenovo they kept back the ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) division which was responsible for working on Project ARA- The modular smartphone concept. Motorola says they are working closely on the ATAP group, but feel they are best suited at Google.

Motorola will stick to Android ecosystem only – No ‘Tizen’ on smartwatch.

Motorola believes that it will be a compromise if they try to include other OS ecosystems in their products. “We’d have to compromise if we spread across ecosystems.” When asked if they have any plans for a Windows Phone, now that they are free from Google, the reply was simple : “We are committed to Android.” Also Motorola is looking to keep the UI clean and add as less customisations as possible. “This approach allows us to create, simple, meaningful experiences – like provide software updates quicker than competitors.”
The smartwatch that motorola is working on will most probably run on Android too. When asked about it, the reply was “”All I can comment is stay tuned, it won’t be running Tizen”

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