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Google Nexus 8 rumored for April-end launch

Your wait for an 8-inch Nexus tablet could soon be over as the device has been rumored to arrive towards the end of April this year.

A recent report by DigiTimes said: “Google has been developing an 8-inch tablet to avoid price competition in the 7-inch segment for launch at the end of April with initial shipments of two million units, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.”

The report further claims that Google felt the need of introducing an 8-inch tablet due to intense price competition in the 7-inch category. This is the reason why “Google has selected 8-inch as the size of the third-generation Nexus 7 to avoid price competition and competition from 5- to 6-inch smartphones, the sources indicated.”

The company is yet to reveal the hardware specifications of the alleged Nexus 8. But going by its April launch, chances are we should be hearing more about the device in the coming months.

Google teamed up with Taiwanese company Asus on the Nexus 7, and it is expected to continue the partnership for the Nexus 8 as well. The company is reportedly planning to launch the 8-inch tablet with initial shipments of two million units.

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Going back in 2013, it was speculated that the Nexus 8 might be an LG-made device instead of an ASUS-made one.


  1. I’m dreaming about 8-inch tablet dual-booting with Chrome OS and with HDMI port. True post-PC device.

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