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Flappy Bird is dead!

Flappy Bird the highly addictive mobile game that made a lot of news in the past couple of weeks has finally been put to rest. The creator has pulled out the game from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store after giving the users a notice 22 hours before doing so.

Dong Nguyen has sent out a series of tweets which gave us some info about why he is taking down the game that rocked the charts in both the app markets. Flappy Bird received the shocking news when Dong sent out the following tweet from his twitter handle @dongatory.

The move became more clear when Dong tried to explain why he was taking down the game, when it was such a success.

It appears Dong was not able to handle all the limelight and loved his simple life more than the money and fame he was earning from the game. In an interview he had revealed that in-app advertisements was bringing in $50,000 per day in revenue.

I understand Nguyen was not able to take all the pressure, but he could have easily sold the rights to someone and if he was not interested in the money why not give the money from the sale to charity. He good have done something good instead of wasting the the success of Flappy Bird, it was a crazy decision in my opinion.

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People who have already downloaded the game would be able to keep the game though, just that they won’t be receiving any future updates. People who have not tried the game till now are in bad luck, but we do expect an apk release in the wild soon.

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