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CyanogenMOD developer demos Android Mirroring to Chromecast

Koushik Dutta, the lead developer of CyanogenMOD has been flirting with Google’s Chromecast for the early days. He created a storm in a cup when he reverse engineered it to stream local content and Google changed the code to block it.

Well, Google had warned not to use preview SDK to write apps as it was in initial phase. Dutta has an AllCast app which allows one to stream quite a lot of local content to Chromecast. Now since Google has released the SDK and opened Chromecast to 3rd party developers there are immense possibilities – and Dutta is back. He has teased users with an app which can mirror the Android screen on Chromecast cast.

You can clearly see him playing Flappy Bird on this phone which is ‘Chromecasted’ to the Chromecast device. It’s exciting as now you can enjoy HD games or other stuff on your big screen using the phone as a remote. We don’t yet know when Dutta will make the app available publicly but it’s certain it’s coming, or it may just be another feature of AllCast.

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