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Court orders AT&T to stop infringing on T-Mobile’s magenta color

T-Mobile filed a lawsuit against AT&T in August last year, claiming that the latter’s Aio division uses a color scheme that is too close to T-Mobile’s iconic magenta. And apparently at least one Texas judge thinks along the same lines as T-Mobile.

A federal court has ordered AT&T to stop using magenta or a similar coloring for its Aio prepaid subsidiary.

T-Mobile said in a statement, “A federal court has halted AT&T’s transparent effort to infringe on T-Mobile’s distinctive magenta trademark. T-Mobile [U.S. Inc.] is very pleased that the federal court in Texas has ordered Aio Wireless, a subsidiary of AT&T, to stop infringing T-Mobile’s magenta trademark.”

“The court agreed with us that Aio can’t continue infringing T-Mobile’s magenta mark by using large blocks of what it has called “plum,” and told Aio to stop using magenta or similar colors in all of its marketing and advertising, including stores, web sites and social media,” it further added.

The Court’s ruling, as the company puts it, validates T-Mobile’s stance that wireless customers identify T-Mobile with magenta and that “T-Mobile’s use of magenta is protected by trademark law”.

Since the company hasn’t made any mention of monetary damages, one can assume that as long as AT&T stops promoting Aio with anything that could be called pink or purple, it will not offend the nation’s fourth largest carrier.

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[Photo Credit: The Verge]

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