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Beep: a Chromecast like streamer for your speakers

Beep is a new startup by Googlers, which has unveiled ‘Beep’, a device which takes audio streams from your Android device and plays them on the speakers it is attached to. Most latest high-end speakers have inbuilt streaming functionality, but many previous generation but decent music systems lack that feature and ‘Beep’ aims to solve that problem.

Beep’s CEO and co-founder was a part of the Nexus One team at Google while co-founder Shawn Lewis was on Google’s platform Team. Just like Chromecast, Beep’s design is very simplistic, but unique. It looks like a big dial with audio ports at the back.

Any speaker with 3.5mm jack or optical input can connect to Beep. Once the setup is done, the user can just tap the device to turn it on. The dial could be used to, well to adjust the volume of course. There are blinky starry lights on the device which indicate volume.

An app will help you setup the WiFi and start streaming music from your Android or iOS device to your speakers through Beep. You can connect a Beep to to each speaker available and sync the audio stream through the app to play music simultaneously on all the speakers. Currently Beep can also stream music directly from streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

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The company plans to launch Beep this fall with a price tag of $149. It will be available in copper and Gunmetal colors. There is a promotion scheme where pre orders will cost on $99 with additional $10 discount for each referral on Facebook or Twitter.

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