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Android Smartphone shipment crosses 800 million

The year 2013 has seen smartphones cross an important milestone. The global smartphone shipment hit the billion mark for the first time, with 800 million contributed by Android. It is clear that Android dominated the smartphone market with Apple’s iPhone shipments maxing out at 153.4 million. These stats are according to data published by IDC on Wednesday.

Out of the total 800 million units Samsung Electronics was responsible for making 39.5% of them, helping it keep the crown of largest smartphone manufacturer. Google and Samsung are guilty for taking 95.7% share in fourth quarter shipments in 2013. Both the companies together left Apple in the dust, where the world’s second most profitable company saw it’s smartphone market share drop from 18.7% to 15.2% last year.

IDC noted that even though smartphone manufacturers are trying to market their top-end flagship devices, consumers are currently more attracted to cheaper devices with sub $200 smartphones seeing a growth of 42.6% in global volume with 430 million units. The research firm also predicts that a slowdown in smartphone shipments is in the cards in near future and smartphone makers should try to push out as many units as possible as long as the market growth is in double digits.

While Android and iOS remained the most popular mobile OS, Windows Phone saw almost double the growth at 90.0% for the year. Nokia was without doubt the largest Windows Phone seller, capturing a market share of 89.3%

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Blackberry is having a real tough time and is witnessing change in negative figures a -40.9% for the year. BB10 failed to do any magic for the company with it’s legacy BB7 OS still staying ahead of the new OS.

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