MWC 2014: Motorola promises stylish smartwatch by year end

As the war over wearables heats up, Motorola reveals plans to launch a smartwatch that “people would actually like to wear” by the end of 2014. During a press session at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Rick Osterloh, the senior VP of product at Motorola Mobility, talked about the company’s plans promising to address two things—style and battery life—with the new device.

Taking a clear swipe at rival tech firms Samsung, Sony and Huawei who also showcased their wearable devices at the event, Osterloh branded their products “ugly”.

“They are all extremely ugly. We are trying to solve the problem of style,” he said.

One of the biggest users’ problems is there are not wearables they can actually wear. Addressing this, Motorola aims to come up with a range of smartwatches that will look “like jewellery”. The goal is to provide users with the hottest items in the burgeoning wearable device market.

Past this, the US mobile phone company didn’t share any other detail about its upcoming smartwatch. But going by the company’s track record with Droid and Razr devices, we can only conjecture that Motorola’s 2014 smartwatch will be supermodel thin and made available in a variety of colours.

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