First beta of Kubuntu 14.04 out for testing

Ubuntu derivatives have announced the first beta for 14.04 release. Since ‘daddy’ Ubuntu releases only one beta before final release the images for Unity are not available. Being a KDE user I am definitely looking forward to Kubuntu which will come with KDE Applications 4.12.2 along with newest Muon Software Center. I did notice a bug in Kubuntu beta and that’s freezing of installer if you have more than one hard drive attached to the system. I hope developers will fix this ‘deal breaking’ bug before the final release. Other betas are from Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome and other members of Ubuntu family.

Kubuntu packs the all new Driver Manager replacing the old Additional Drivers application. According to the Kubuntu beta page, “The manager allows you to install and select the driver you want to use for software that has more than one supported driver, including proprietary drivers.”

I have started to like Muon Software Manager, though I feel it needs more work. The good news for Kubuntu uses is that “Muon 2.2 Alpha 1 is the first step towards a new version of Kubuntu’s software store. Retaining largely the same user interface, it features great improvements in robustness,” says the press statement.

Kubuntu 14.04 beta 1 brings a lot of updated KDE packages, you can read more about them. For now click on the link below and download Kubuntu 14.04 beta 1.

Download Kubuntu 14.04 beta 1

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