Google brings KitKat launcher to all Nexus devices

Google has published the app which turned the Android home screen into a ‘Google Search’ screen by tightly integrating search features with the search box. The feature is however not part of the base-OS, thanks to crazy patent claims by Apple. The good news is now any Google Nexus of Play Edition device owner can get the Google Now Launcher on their devices and use the benefit of ‘OK Google’ feature which starts listening to commands the moment you say these two magic words. Will Google bring it to non-Nexus or non-Play Edition devices is uncertain. While companies like Samsung or HTC do add a lot of value to camera apps (which Google’s camera app is the worst of the lot) and other such core features, their UI is sluggish, slow, non-intuitive and duplicates a lot of core Google services. So, it may make more sense if Google Now Launcher is available for such non-Google devices as well.

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