Candy Crush developers withdraws Candy trademark

Last year in February, King, the company that developed the highly addictive game Candy Crush Saga, had filed application documents with the U.S. Trademark Office for trademarking the word ‘Candy’. Last Monday, according to the documents filed with the U.S. Trademark Office, they applied for the abandonment of the trademark claim, in the United States.

On being asked by Kotaku about their sudden change of heart, King replied that they feel that every market perceives the issue of IP differently, so they found it to be a better course of action if they had the rights to Candy Crushers to protect Candy Crush in the US market. This decision, however, does not apply to the EU market, where they will continue to protect the trademark Candy and take any and every necessary steps to ensure it.

Candy Crush Saga is a candy themed game of match three that shot to the top of both the App Store and Play Store. According to recent stats, the game has over 500 million installations and a daily check in of about 50 million users. In addition the game accrues estimated revenue of about $794253 every day! Last year, King applied for exclusive trademark rights to the word Candy, owing to the huge success of their game Candy Crush Saga. Naturally, this move outraged the internet as the move was pretty unreasonable, since they would have to be paid royalty for any and all mention of the word Candy everywhere. This move might pacify the internet, although the move is only for the US market, while the EU market remains unchanged. Hopefully, King will realize how meaningless this move on their part is and do the same for EU too.

Source: Kotaku

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