Gnome Revisited? Numix Project Announces OS and Shell

The Numix Project recently unveiled plans to release their own Operating System and Desktop Shell for the Linux kernel. Previously the project enjoyed success with their set of extensions for the Gnome 3 desktop. The custom desktop shell Numix has built and arranged is full of colorful and rich icons, something lacking from a default Gnome 3 instance. Collaboration with Nitrux S.A. is also in effect, propelling this interesting project forward in full force. There are some though who previously criticized the project as “yet another Gnome clone,” but it is yet to be seen the full extent of what this announcement will bring. Numix promises the unrevealed portions to be quite good, describing them as “rad.” I must be getting old, but I digress. The desktop shell the project team is aiming for a professionally designed and clean look.  Notable areas include an intellihide dock at the bottom, allowing dragging to other workspaces a breeze. Not much else is known at the moment, but updates should soon be revealed. I have doubts as to what else Numix will do to truly different itself from the pack, aside from clean looking text and icons. Regardless, I give them the benefit of the doubt until I see their final product.  If the good looking mockups are any indication, we may very well see a fine looking end result.

The Numix Shell itself is comprised of the Gnome apps package at its core, dispelling rumors about the project forking the Gnome-shell entirely.  Nor is the team moving away from Gnome as it’s base. Not all that long ago the Linux Mint project broke away from a similar use case, developing its own Shell environment. Additionally, Numix s targeting the gaming crowd, pre-packaging in the Steam client, as ell as a few other goodies. Design of the desktop gears towards a minimalistic design, with plenty of customization, something that early releases of Gnome 3 lacked. However, if you are a power user and need to get in the real dirt and grime of your Desktop Environment, Numix advises to look elsewhere. One can hope this means a balanced approach between a base Gnome 3 installation and the slew of customization options the KDE Desktop presents.

The call is out now for developers to code for the OS and Shell, with the only mandatory requirement being Javascript. And yes, you will get paid, with hopeful revenue from the Operating System itself.  Numix states, “…at the very least we will have at [sic]option to buy it. We know people are entitled to like free (as in beer too) stuff, but you gotta realise this is a lot of work and we have invested not so small amount of time to design it.”  Given that statement I would hazard a guess that may not mean the OS will be inaccessible to gratis-loving folks, but more of a suggestion.  More will be known as news developers of course. Team leaders realize hard work demands pay, and they will do their best to accomdate developers.

Source: Numix on G+

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