Reven meets Kickstarter Goal, headed for Linux

Reven recently announced the team has reached its Kickstarter funding goal, bringing some more awesome 2D platformer goodness to the Linux platform. Varia games also plans on bringing the title to OS X, as well as the Wii U. Monthly updates are planned to be broadcast on the popular gaming video platform, A public demo and eta keys should show up in the next few months.

Reven is a Metroid-like 2D platformer set on the planet XR-Kere in the 28th century. The mysterious Nexum Station has vanished, and you head to the planet to investigate. The game shares a lot with the classic, Super Metroid and other classic platforms such as Castlevania. In fact, I’d hazard a guess, maybe a bit too much. The visuals are quite nice for the title, allowing players to dive into the deepest regions of space. Also, the music is quite good, composed by Mark McLenmore, and adds good value to the title. The game features upgradable suites, called “gears” that help you tackle various situations and levels in the game.

In an interview with cubed3, Johm, one of the main developers, offered his insight into the game and it’s roots. Recently having purchased Super Metroid from the Wii U store, it hit the team to send Reven in the direction of an open world exploration game. With just Austin and John designing and developing the game, use of the Contstruct 2 engine was definitely a help. Austin notes the art direction for the game inspired the drawing for the title as well. Talks to bring the game into the 3D realm using the Cry Engine were shown as a possibility.

Overcoming the hurdles common for many independent shops was no easy task. Financial hardship drove one member of a team to sell their car, and move into another house full of 7 kids. That’s rough, and most certainly shows the dedication and perseverance many indie developers show for their craft. Help is in no short supply, as John noted in his interview with cubed3, telling us that issues have “yet to be a problem we couldn’t solved ourselves or with the help of other indie developers out there in the industry.”

If the Kickstarter trailer is anything to go from, one can expect a fantastic adventure, even if it borrows heavily from past inspirational titles. Criticism of the title’s close adherence to the 2D Metroid title is bound to show up, but I’ll reserve my own comments until the game beta shows up so I can confirm for myself. If anything, being able to play a “new” Metroid like game is a plus in my book. I’m sure Varia Games has several tricks up their sleeve for making it a unique experience.

For more details, be sure to hit up the  finished kickstarter project page.

Source: linuxgamenews

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