Steam game Nuclear Dawn drops Linux development goes back to Windows, Mac

Just a few months ago, the developers behind Nuclear Dawn, InterWave Studio, announced that a Linux version of the game was incoming. As a follow up to the announcement a beta was made available for the game on Linux. But right after that everything went silent for the development house.

After a bit of digging and prodding, a concerned fan of the game was able to find out that InterWave Studios have officially stopped working and has gone out of business. The projects under InterWave were taken over by another company called GameConnect which is owned by a co-owner of InterWave; hence all of InterWave’s projects were transferred to GameConnect. As such, the new company in charge of taking the project forward has no intention of going forward with the Linux version of the game neither does it have any intention of releasing the game on the Linux platform. The email that confirmed these decisions reads as follows:

“Thank you for your email. To get straight to the point, InterWave has stopped business since December 2013 and no longer exists. Because it is a project of GameConnect now that interwave has been shut down, I have no idea right now what might happen in the future but so far it will stay as is. The Linux built unfortunately will also stay as is, as we are not able to complete it due to no one working on it anymore unfortunately. The Win/Mac builts work 100% fine,” as replied by the CEO of TechConnect B.V.

This move officially makes Nuclear Dawn, a FPS & RTS mash up, the first game on Steam for Linux that actually moved away from Linux rather than move into Linux, as all the game developers are now doing. Then again, this decision wasn’t InterWave’s as they are no longer functional, but rather of GameConnect, the new owners.

Source: Softpedia

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