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Samsung drops Android in favor of Tizen for Gear 2 Smartwatch

With recent announcements that Google is set to release their own branded Smartwatch in the wild this year, Samsung is reportedly dropping Android in favor of Tizen. The move to Tizen was decided a paltry 6 months after the release of the Gear Smartwatch.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Tizen, it is an Open Source software platform aim at mobile devices, in-vehicle infotainment, Smart TVs and more. Governed by a Technical Steering Group aligned with the Linux Foundation, Tizen is starting to be considered as a serious alternative to Google’s platform. Tizen has also formed its own association to set guidance standards for system requirements, identification, market education, and service models.

Even though Samsung won’t disclose the full details on why it is making the switch, but compatibility advantages reported by Samsung seem to one reason. Also in limbo is previous platform compatibility with other similar Samsung offerings. With strong support from big players like BMW, CNN, Garmin, Path, and more, Samsung should have no issue in producing an alternative platform based product.

Among new features to the Gear 2 line, is an integrated music player, heart rate monitor, and all previous baseline features of the last model. The lighter sibling, the Gear 2 Neo, will compliment it’s bigger brother. Be on the lookout for the pair sometime this April, worldwide. Those attending MWC in Barelona should be able to see the devices before public release. Hopefully this time around, the Gear line sees more exposure, now that Smartwatches are beginning to take off more.

Source: The Verge

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