PiTiVi seeks crowd-funding to complete v.1.0 push

If you haven’t already checked out PiTiVi, allow me to explain. Since the 0.9x release, PiTiVi has evolved into a capable multimedia editor capable of authoring,editing, and more.  Labeled as a “high priority project” for the Free Software Foundation, the editing software is most certainly garnering attention.  Having previously done a lot of my simple video editing with OpenShot, I gave Pitvi a run for it’s money.  The application is far from Cinelerra, but has good promise in its future.

PiTiVi has a decent section of manuals for the aspiring editor, and I would expect this to expand if the crowd-funding initiative reaches its goal.  Each year there is always a public name or group championing the “year of the Linux desktop,” and while I don’t believe that is anywhere near a reality, 2014 will most certainly contain a lot of uptick for the OS, given traction from SteamOS, systemd, projects such as this, and more.

On a competitive front, software such as Kdenlive, OpenShot, Avidemux, and more only goes to show there is strong pool of applications in this particular space.  With OpenShot’s cross-platform initiative on the horizon, fans of PiTiVi have some serious competition on their hands.  Jonathan Thomas, developer of OpenShot is scheduled to present progress on the popular application at SCALE this weekend.

On the whole though, I wish PiTiVi the best of luck in their campaign, and hope to see some great improvements in the software if the campaign should prove successful.

You can check out projects made and designed on PiTiVi in the developers showcase gallery.

PiTiVi can be nabbed now at http://www.pitivi.org, sitting currently at version 0.0.2.

Source: Slashdot

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