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Google’s smartwatch is coming this year

After a long period of speculation the Google Smartwatch is in fact real. While most outlets expect the phone to drop sometime in March, members internal to Google believe that date will be pushed back as far as June or ship in an incomplete state. While no external members are known to have seen or used the prototype. With doubts on a solid release date, we can only speculate when the device will truly release.

With other Smartwatches like the infamous Pepple Smartwatch in play, each of these devices stand to compete with each other not just on build quality, but their own specific feature lists. The Google Smartwatch is said to have a steel metal band, square face, and a vibrant and colorful display.  But, with conflicting stories on a metal band vs. a plastic band, it’s far too early to call a solid set of specifications.  After all, no one outside Google’s internal team has even seen the device.

With Smartwatches poised to cut out the need to reach for your phone constantly for micro-updates, the right mix of connectivity and battery life will be a deciding factor for many. I for one love my Nexus 5 smartphone, but wish manufacturers would focus on bigger, better battery life, than making a razor thin phone. Smartwatches are excellent for reviewing data, but not so much for precision interaction, no are most intended to be.  Most of these devices make this possible through intuitive gesture driven commands.

It is still too soon to know if this first crop of Smartwatches will revolutionize how we consume data on the go, but an interesting first step, no doubt. With Google Glass news subsiding, Google needs some new buzz, and we will no doubt get more than we can bargain for at this years Google I/O. But, with battery life a constant issue with modern devices, will the Smartwatch be all that useful once your large display phone uses its last juice?

Keep an eye on these developments as well as all the exciting news to come at this years Google I/O 2014.

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