Canonical to show off Mir enabled Ubuntu Touch at MWC

The latest development of Ubuntu for phones and tablets is on show at this year’s Mobile World Congress – including the visually stunning “scopes”, a new mobile UI paradigm” reads a statement from Canonical.

With just a few days left for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event at Barcelona, Canonical is pulling out all stops to show off Ubuntu Touch to the world.  MWC takes place every year in February and is the world’s largest exhibition and conference congregation for the mobile industry.

Canonical was able to make a good first impression last year when it showed off the Ubuntu Touch concept OS. The Ubuntu maker will be hoping make a similar impression with the device manufacturers and carriers this year. This will be a make or break event for Canonical.

All is not bad for Canonical though, as earlier this week, Canonical announced deals with two mobile device manufacturers who will be shipping Ubuntu Touch in their phones. The partners are Meizu of China and bq of Spain. Looking at the manufacturers, who are midsize players in their respective regions, Ubuntu Touch phones are expected first ship to these regions before it reaches the rest of the world. Starting with the Chinese market may be a good thing as Ubuntu is quite popular in China. With the convergence plan to kick in from October this year, users will easily be able to assiciate with the OS.

Ubuntu Touch has been under heavy development for the past year. Yet, the mobile OS is still unstable and not fit for regular consumption. There is time however, as the stable release is not out until third week of April when Ubuntu 14.04 is released. Ubuntu Touch will feature the much controversial Mir display server and Unity 8 which is specifically designed for the mobile and tablet interface. Canonical is promoting Ubuntu Touch for tablets as well and has gone on record saying that there are big improvements made to the tablet experience especially for the 7″ and 10″ form factors.

There is a hackathon session on writing and integrating HTML5 apps for Ubuntu during the MWC and a Nexus 7 (2013) will be up for grabs for the lucky ones. If you are vising MWC, you can find Ubuntu in the App Planet Hall 8.1, stand 8.1E49.

Source: Ubuntu

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