Beep gets support for music library on your PC

Few days back we reported about a new device named ‘Beep’ that helps you make your speakers get wireless streaming functionality. The new startup by ex-googlers has now added support for streaming music from your collection on your computer or network attached device.

Beep realises that there are numerous music lovers with years of music stored in their hardisks. It is not possible to select and fit such huge collections in 16GB or 32 GB mobile devices. Keeping this in mind the company has added this new feature by which Beep can access files on your computer or network attached drive and directly play music from there.

The control still remains on your handheld device, you can browse through the full library of music on any of the device attached to the network and play whatever you want. There is additional support for FLAC and Vorbis file formats, along with MP3 and AAC.

Beeps seems to have taken heed of feedback received from initial supporters and made changes accordingly. Currently Beep can also stream music directly from streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Beep is expected to launch this fall and will be available for $149. However, early adopters will get it for $99 on pre orders.

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