Google releases beta channel for Chromecast extension

Google has finally started to expose its Chromecast, the $35 magical device which can be found in majority of US homes, to 3rd party developers. The Android maker recently released the stable SDK for Chromecast which allows developers to use the device and reach enter people’s living rooms, now the company has released a public beta channel for the Google Cast extension. The goal behind this release is to enable developers to test out the latest features before they’re released to the public.

Google’s Shawn Shen posts on Google+, “We want to make sure that new versions of the Google Cast extension don’t inadvertently break sites that integrate with the SDK.  Providing pre-release versions to the community is the best way to ensure we detect and address any issues prior to a public rollout.”

The extension can be installed from the Web Store (just disable the stable extension so as to avoid any conflicts). Once you have enabled the beta, it will get updates automatically so you won’t have to worry about future updates.

Just keep in mind that it’s beta so things might break and it’s intended for those who want to help Google and developers in finding the bugs and making it better.

What it means for users?

It means that more and more developers will be able to offer their content and services to Chromecast users. One feature that I am most excited about is the ability to cast local content to my Chromecast.

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