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How to easily turn your Chromebook into a Kiosk

Hazaah folks! The last ChromeOS update now makes it amazingly simple to enable Kiosk Mode on your ChromeOS device. Previously, this was a more manual affair, but times are a changing. Rather than comb through policies yourself, there is now a method to make the process much easier.

This mode is squarely aimed at shops and users who wish to present a single app to a set of users, restricting use of ChromeOS only to that application. Also, when in this mode, ChromeOS disables key features such as the login screen, screen locking, among other multi-user features.This mod is much like you would find at an information desk or local library.

To obtain a kiosk application:

Sample kiosk applications can be found in the Chrome Web Store. Kiosk apps will have a kiosk attribute in the manifest.json file contents.

Working with Kiosk Mode

Fair warning: Be careful not to check the “Permanently keep the device in kiosk mode” if you do not intend to do so!  I am unsure if this is truly permanent, but I’d rather give a fair warning than to have unfortunate folks make this mistake.

To enable the Kiosk Mode, you’ll need to head into the Chrome Browser and follow these four simple steps:

  1. In a new tab, enter the URL “Chomre://Extensions” and hit enter on your keyboard.
  2. If the advanced section is not already visible, click on the section to expand the settings more.
  3. Now, head on to the “Manage Kiosk Applications” portion. You will want to paste a Kiosk App Webstore URL in this section, clicking the “Add” button when finished.
  4. Log out of your current session.  You’ll now see a new “login” for the Kiosk app you just enabled.

Playing with Kiosk mode in this manner is switchable, and for testing. When you are very sure you wish the app to be on permanently, reboot and select the dialog box option to “enable kiosk mode on your Chromebook.

Turning Kiosk Mode back off

If you wish to return back to regular ol’ ChromeOS, simply reboot the Chromebook, and as it is initializing, press “CTRL+ALT+S” ti interrupt the process and get to the original login screen.  You’ll want to ensure a strong password is present here in case savvy users decide to make mischief, or restrict access to input devices.

For those seeking more information, check out the developer sub-site of Chrome.

Source: FrancoisBeaufor on G+

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