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Ubuntu Touch x86 emulator improves security, OpenGL

Some amazing news came down the pipeline today, from Ricardo Salveti of Canonical Ltd., for Ubuntu touch users and developers. Updates to the X86 emulator surfaced, which include increased TLS (Transport Layer Security) measures, and use of Qt packages that will be compatible with OpenGL 2.0. The combination of Qt packages and OpenGL ES 2.0 should produce sleeker rendering and font. Use of Open GL 2.0 brings programmable rendering pipelines, similar in fashion to OpenGL 3.0

The advances in the x86 emulator for Ubuntu touch will greatly help the Ubuntu team test applications and ongoing work. The advancements will also assist in improving the testing automation for Ubuntu.

To install the updated emulator image, download the archive package over at Canonical’s site.  When the download is finished, open up a Terminal window and perform the following in the download directory you saved the file in step 1 to:

tar -jxvf emulator-x86.tar.bz2
cd emulator-x86

The build script will download the Ubuntu rootfs and create the sdcard image for you.

Please keep in mind, the emulator was testing only on Ubuntu Trusty. The emulator will access 512 MB of memory by default, but can be changed by altering the “-memory” argument in the “run-emulator.sh” file. Be sure to visit Ubuntu wiki entry for relevant information concerning the emulator itself. If you are not accustomed to using adb commands for your device, be sure to refer to the relevant Ubuntu Forums post here

There are a few known issues thus far, including issues in the unity-system-compositor, where in nested mode will crash Unity 8. The source of this is believed to reside in the latest Mir release from lp:mir/devel. Also due to the Gallery-App still making use of the libGL.so library, the application does not work properly. Both issues are being looked into by Salveti. For those who are actively troubleshooting current issues, be sure to review the boot log  before suggesting any patches or bugs.

For full installation instructions on how to get started with emulator, see the Emulator entry on the Ubuntu wiki page.

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Ricardo Salveti on G+

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