Witcher 3 might come to Linux, if SteamOS takes off

As any self respected gamer will know, Witcher is one of the most brilliantly done Role Playing Game that was initially released on the PC and then crept its way to the consoles. With many big wig names in the gaming industry moving to support Linux after Valve announced their SteamOS, CD Projeckt, the studio behind the Witcher series has also jumped the band wagon, saying that they will also support Linux if SteamOS takes off.

On being asked why the developer behind the Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t yet supported Linux as a possible platform for their games, Marcin Iwiński, one of the founder and CEO of the studio have spoken out. According to him, to be able to support a game on Linux, a company has to support multiple distributions and flavours of the OS. At the minimum, they would have to support at least five distributions to maintain the quality the fans of their games have come to expect from them. He also goes on to mention that the scenario might change if SteamOS takes off. Since SteamOS would be a single type of distribution focused on entertainment and would be readily available on Steam Boxes, it would be easier for them to support the platform. He adds that he expects Steam to deliver a “constant Linux environment”, which would help them in maintaining the quality of the “updates, patches and everything.”

It seems though that no one has pointed out to Iwiński how Ryan “Icculus” Gordon has busted the myth recently at the Steam Developer Days of 2014. Then again they haven’t outright said “no” to the possibility, so it is kind of a win for Linux gamers after all.

Source: Gaming on Linux

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