‘OK Google’ hotword can now work with any phone and language

You can now enjoy “Ok Google” hands-free voice searches on any device and any language, thanks to XDA developer memnoc.

memnoc has shared full directions on how the home launcher “OK Google” can be modified to open it up to everyone.

Currently this hotword–which allows you to open Google Now’s voice assistant feature by saying “Ok Google” to your Android-powered device while on any one of the homescreens–only works with the Nexus 5 and sort of the Moto X.

“All devices running Android 4.4.2 work and non-AOSP ROMs are supported. This means if you have a Galaxy Nexus lying around loaded with KitKat, you can get this feature to work,” Talk Android said in a report.

All that is required is to have your device rooted and a file manager ready to go.

Hit the source link for details.

The search giant recently updated its Search for Android app, triggering voice searches with the command “Ok Google” for users in the United Kingdom and Canada.

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