Nothing to Hide goes Open Source

Nothing to Hide is a queer game that is being developed by an indie developer called Nicky Liow following an even more queer approach to distribution. He intends to keep the game as open to public as possible, as such the game, even though it is still in its initial state of development, has all of its assets like the art, sound and even the code open to the public, accessible and ready to be modified as they see fit, no strings attached.

Nothing to Hide is a different concept than most of the puzzle games out there, in that the game is an “anti-stealth” puzzle game. The game is a blunt statement on the nature of the surveillance culture that is cropping up around the world. In accordance with the open principle the game too is free from copyrights of any sorts. The funding for the game too is being done in the same. The game is being offered on his site and he takes only 25% of the pledge when a milestone is reached. If someone is unhappy with the state of the game at any time, that person is free to withdraw whatever of their funding is left, a completely transparent system.

On asking why he went this way, when publishing platforms and funding platforms like Kickstarter and Steam Green Light is easily accessible, he replies that since he learned to program like this in the first place. According to him it was much more effective when he could grab a piece of code, hack it and add his own modifications, all the while learning how the code ticked. On mentioning sites like Code Academy, where you are taught how to program using sample problems, he says that even though it is a code focused approach, having a readymade functional code and tweaking it is much more effective. So since he learned to code using other people’s creations, who were more than happy to share their creations to help others, he thought that it is only proper if he could give it back in the same way.

People are already reaching out to him to help him in porting the game to other platforms and even optimizing the code.

Source: Linux Game News

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