Get ChromeOS experience inside Windows systems

Google is giving Microsoft more and more reasons to get scared of its Chrome OS operating systems.

Google recently announced ‘App Launcher’ for Windows systems which allow users to get ChromeOS like experience within Windows systems. It was a very smart move by Google as people can access the entire ChromeOS ecosystem from within the bottom panel of Windows. The experience is similar to what you get on a Chromebook or Chromebox.

Why I call it a smart move is, the more people see it on their systems (though Windows market share is declining, but it is still a dominant platform on desktop), the more they get familiar with the ChromeOS. When the same Windows users go to Walmart or Target and see Chromebooks they find is ‘familiar’, something they already use at home. When they look at the price of a Windows system and compare it with Chromebooks, the purchase decision is already made.

Once enabled Windows users will get App Launcher in the center of the screen.
Once enabled Windows users will get App Launcher in the center of the screen.

However, unlike Microsoft Google continues to improvise its products (that too for free of cost). The Chrome teams have been working on improving the Chrome OS experience inside windows and the next iteration of App Launcher is heading in the same direction.

Google teams are experimenting with a new look for App Launcher which places it in the center of the screen with a 6×3 grid. If you are a Chromium user on Windows, you can enable the new look by using the flag – enable-experimental-app-list. You can enable the above flag by visiting chrome://flags on your Chromium browser.

Google doesn’t do Linux
Unfortunately the ‘Chrome OS experience’ is not available for GNU/Linux users. The answer is obvious, Google has no desire to bring GNU/Linux users to Chrome OS. Yes, I understand the market dynamics and why Google is doing it (and being a Chromebook user, I really like the move), still I would very much like to see Google supporting GNU/Linux systems as well.

Did I mention there is still no Google Drive for Linux?

Source: François Beaufort

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