KDE Frameworks 5 enters Alpha stage

KDE Frameworks 5 entered alpha stage on 14th this month.The Frameworks 5 is the foundation for the next generation KDE compilation. The tech preview of Frameworks 5 was released a month back. The next alpha is scheduled to be released on March 1st.

The Alpha release introduced two new frameworks, kactivities and plasma-framework. The team have also made significant progress to bring KDE to Microsoft Windows. Qt’s ”.pri” files are included in this release to facilitate qmake based projects to use individual frameworks.

Binary packages for Frameworks 5 are available for download. The binaries are available for Arch Linux, Fedora, Kubuntu and openSUSE. Kubuntu based neon 5 ISOs are also available for download. The Neon 5 ISO’s are equipped with Frameworks 5 and Plasma Workspaces 2. Neon 5 ppa is available out-of-the box.

Frameworks 5 should not be used on production environments. Currently Frameworks 5 is in nascency and only developers should dabble further.

The complete KDE Software Compilation (SC) consists of Frameworks, Workspaces and Applications. The Framework and Workspaces are in alpha and tech preview stages respectively. Unless both of them reach full maturity, applications won’t be ported to the newer framework. End users should stick to 4.12.x release for now.

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  1. “The Frameworks 5 is the foundation for the next generation KDE interface.” Do you mean user interface? You are not clear on this..

    KDE Frameworks 5 is libraries and not user interface.. :)

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